Qarabağ TV
Football club " Qarabagh" has been created 1950.  After in 1951 it has been completed building of Agdam city stadium began serious works above formation of this amateur soccer team, as a sports complex. After has been created "Qarabagh", acted under name "Mekhsul", in the first in 1966 has taken part in the championship of Azerbaijan. In that year in the championship the club has borrowed 4-th place. 4 years on end "Qarabagh" took part in superiority of the country. For these years – 2-nd place the team has received the best result in 1968. But after 1968 from for careless the command long time did not participate in the championships. In 1977 the command again has been given birth under name "Shafaq". In 1982 "Shafaq" was unique representative Agdam of football. Since 1982 till 1987 the command acted under the name "Cooperative society". "Qarabagh" in the first 1988 has been awarded to a rank of the champion of Azerbaijan. In 1991 the independent football championship of Azerbaijan has been created. "Qarabagh" the unique command which took part in all 12 seasons which were carried out till now. It is natural, that the command had also hard times. In 1993 after the city of Agdam has been occupated by Armenians, at club the financial problems have appeared. On this 1998-2001 the command has shown the lowest result among the strongest commands. As a result of financial problems leading players "Qarabagh" began to leave a command. All these problems were solved in 2001 after one of the largest holding the companies of Azerbaijan "Azersun" began to sponsor the team. All those players which have earlier left a command have returned in "Qarabagh". Since then the command refers to " Qarabagh-Azersun ". Not looking on that that in 2001 " Qarabagh-Azersun " has borrowed 9-th place in national championship, very serious preparations to next to a season were conducted and before a command was the gain of the best places is put a problem. But from for occurred the changes in 2002-2003 the championship has been stopped also a command could not be satisfied the purpose. In 2003 have taken place change in structure " Qarabagh-Azersun " and vice president of a command has been appointed Takhir Goozal. After his arrival to histories "Qarabagh" and the new page has opened. In 2002-2003 "Qarabagh" has again received a place among prize-winners of the championship of Azerbaijan and has received a bronze medal. In 2004-2005 "Qarabagh" the season is even more resolute than the beginnings. Communications with it, the leader of a command has appointed to a post main coach our compatriot Igor Ponomaryova, who lives in Sweden. For short time the best players of the country have been involved in a command. It is necessary will notice that, thanking Tahir Goozal, in 2004 the historical name of command "Qarabagh" was appeared. Except for it Takhir Goozal has prepeared for a new trade mark for a command on which symbols "Qarabagh" horses are represented. This symbol has been made by English designers. As well as always, "Qarabagh" and this year will battle for superiority.