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Europa League

«Garabagh» Has represented our county 6 times in tournaments of European Club scale up to now. In addition our team went down in history as a command that passed the first lap in these tournaments.

2014/2015 - Europa League

21.08.2014, Play-off round

`Qarabagh` [0 - 0] `Twente`

28.08.2014, Play-off round

`Twente` [1 - 1] `Qarabagh`


Group stage - I round (Group F)

`Qarabagh` [0 - 0] `Saint Etienne`




1996 (Cup of Cups)
«Garabagh»- «Mupa-47» (Finland) 0-1
«Mupa-47» -«Garabagh»- 0-1 (during overtime)
* The goal by «Garabagh» was signed by Bakhtiyar Musayev.

1997 (UEFA Cup)
«Yablonets» (Czechia) - «Garabagh» 5-0
«Garabagh»-«Yablonets» 0-3

1998 (UEFA Cup)
«Korenhagen» (Denmark) - «Garabagh» 6-0
«Garabagh»-«Korenhagen» 0-4

1999 (Intertoto Cup)
«Makkabi» H. (Israel)- «Garabagh» 1-2 (the both goals was scored by Mushvug Huseynov)
«Garabagh» - «Makkabi» 0-1 (according to the results of 2 games «Garabagh» earns card to the second lap)

2-th Lap
«Garabagh»-«Monpelye» (France) 0-3
«Monpelye»- «Garabagh» 6-0

2004 (UEFA Cup)
«Dukla» (Slovakia) - «Garabagh» 3-0
«Garabagh»-«Dukla» 0-1

Interesting Facts

• «Garabagh» is the first Azerbaijan team that earned a score & victory within Euro tournaments.
• In Cup of Cups tournament which has already fallen down in history, «Garabagh» has signed the only goal of Azerbaijan clubs. The author of this goal is Bakhtiyar Musayev who in 1996 found the way to the goal of «Mupa-47».
• «Garabagh» is the first Azerbaijan club which has passed stage of Euro club tournament scales. (In 1999- «Garabagh» – «Makkabi» 0-1, 2-1.